Mimesis - Fake Data Generator

Mimesis is a high-performance fake data generator for Python, which provides data for a variety of purposes in a variety of languages.

The fake data could be used to populate a testing database, create fake API endpoints, create JSON and XML files of arbitrary structure, anonymize data taken from production and etc.

The key features are:

  • Performance: The fastest data generator available for Python.

  • Extensibility: You can create your own data providers and use them with Mimesis.

  • Generic data provider: The simplified access to all the providers from a single object.

  • Multilingual: Supports data for a lot of languages.

  • Data variety: Supports data for a lot of data providers for a variety of proposes.

  • Schema-based generators: Provides an easy mechanism to generate data by the schema of any complexity.

  • Country-specific data providers: Provides data specific only for some countries.